Thứ Năm, 2 tháng 11, 2006

Time to start-up a company?

After one month diving into English world: Reading on, writing on my blog, listening to FOX, CNN, BBC everyday and taking a short spoken English course, I feel my English has some dramatic changes. It makes me more confident about myself than ever Image

But not only the English, I have also learn many funny things about countries, companies, organization around the world Image. They interest me so much, make my knowledge wider about everything. And I realize that, for a person who loves technology like me, opening company in innovation may be the best choice

However, what happen if I open a company now Image? As you know, Vietnam is a developing country, so it has received lots of fund from many non-profit organizations and the government also try to support and help many young companies in Vietnam, especially for those working in high-tech, grow up to quickly get Vietnam out of poverty. As a result, I will receive lots of support if i open company at this time. For example, at least one year free services include: head office, telephone, water, electricity, office equipment, consultant...  and a plus 10milion-30milion dong if I can demonstrate my company is potential Image. Yeah, a good condition than ever.

But I feel I'm still lacking experience working in a multinational environment and opening a company will also require me lots of time. I don't like it at the moment, so going abroad to work for me is more preferable. If I go, what country I will be? US is the best choice because it is the modernest country in the world about IT.  I hope I can go to California, I love its wonderful weather and delicous foods, lots of Vietnamese live there includes my relatives. Another important thing, most of biggest IT companies locate in San Jose & San Diego, California.

If I succeed in doing that, I think I will learn lots of things there. Then two years later, when I have experience working in a multinational environment, I will apply a short MBA course in one-year.  Then after that, what will I do? Hehe, of course, I will come back to Vietnam. At the age 26, I will have enough power to turn all my child dreams into reality Image

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ptracandy nói...

Learn more about grammar and you will have the whole package: writing, listening, reading, and speaking, hehe :p. Good luck in everything :)

Unknown nói...

so nice

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