Thứ Hai, 29 tháng 1, 2007

Vision for the next 10 years

Today, I didn't have anything to do at home. It made me so bored and I decided to go to the supermarket for buying some food . I was so relax when being there, the environment was so cool and there are many nice salesgirls. Walking back and forth, I pretended to ask about goods to have a chance to talk to them and also getting some information about the operation of a supermarket.

Coming back home, lots of thoughts appear in my head. I realize that the society is not the same as what I think . Now Vietnam is still a consumption-oriented market and it will not change in the near future. Vietnamese like enjoying their life rather than working. Almost Vietnamese just see their job as a mean to satisfy their life such as: buying foods, having café in the evening, travelling... Just some of them have enthusiasm in work and consider as their hobby. Vietnamese is also not strong at technology. Most of famous people we have heard on the newspaper so far are just excellent at science theory. For me, they are still lacking knowledge about the society, the world and also a determination to do a meaningful thing in their life, a major difference compare to Chinese

Looking back at Vietnam market now, it’s so chaotic. All of main industries now are belonging to the government. The other entertainment services like restaurant, karaoke, supermarkets… belong to those who have a good position in society, good-related to the government or inherit a good business from their family. The market will be rougher in the future with the join of foreign giants. It’s too difficult for a person to set up their own business from nothing, so different from US environment .

And it makes me accept a fact that that Vietnam will not have big companies like US, China, Europe in the near future. As mention above, Vietnamese are not good at technology & management. As a result, lots of my unreal dreams are eliminated and I continue to …change and consolidate my ways

- Work for a big company specializing on those software involve business such as ERP, CRM... rather than those applications which Google or Microsoft are doing. Because there will be many companies in Vietnam grow up in the future and we had better to concentrate on this sector. Let other big things for those giants in the world

- Do franchise At first, I want to help my family open a small business at home, just for fun and also earn some experience . But now I think it’s not a good way. Even I can set up a successful company; I will meet many fierce rivals around. It would be better to choose some famous companies and do franchise for them. If I choose this, all things I have to do is just to choose an appropriate place and negotiate with the company. I think the experience I have had through many trips abroad; the knowledge about GPS, Google Earth, will help me much

If nothing changes, these are the ways I will do in the next 10 years. After I have enough experience and also a stable family, it will be the time for me to set up my own business model, become the giant and branching to other countries. Haha, so interested when thinking about that

Thứ Sáu, 26 tháng 1, 2007

Life's happy

Today, in the morning, I had a talk with some friends in Talent Engineering class at my university. In the evening, I had café with some old friends at Elementary School. They went to work right after finishing High School because they were not able to study further. How different they are

Actually, so far I haven’t had any big impression with my class at the university. Although all of them are excellent people come from many places around the country and their behavior are rather good, but from time to time, I feel they likes robots because they just know to study hard, to get more achievement. Sometimes they seem to be a little selfish and dont care about the feeling of people around.

Talking about other people, their ability was limited and they had to go out to the society soon. They also realize that there aren’t many opportunities for them, so they accept their life and try to work hard without looking and comparing. Though now they still not have a good knowledge, however, they have a good understanding about the feeling of people around and it becomes the most important thing to help them in the work and maybe become successful in the future

I don’t want to give any criticism about them. It just makes me wonder that what is the happiness
for a person, and how should they behave with people around? It is surely a difficult question and depending on specific kinds of people.

Continue thinking about myself. Today I brought back my printer from HCMC to my home in Dong Nai, I see that my little sister was very happy about that because now she can print her document for her study. So is my father, he can print his online novels not available at bookstore for reading in his spare time. Their happiness makes me happy too

And I draw out the definition of happiness for me. First of all, I godda know how to take care of myself , so that my family will not worry about me. Then I should know how to make my family happy. After that, I will continue to bring the happiness to the others. Finally, if all people around me are happy, I will also be happy

Thứ Hai, 22 tháng 1, 2007

Have you got a cable TV?

Since I set up cable TV at home, my knowledge has been broadened much. It also helps me have many more different views about the world, not only from Vietnam like before. And now if I were asked about what are my favorite programs, there would be many

The channel I watch most is CNN, a popular new channel. All the hot news around the world are updated constantly. There are also many special programs like: CNNConnect, Talk Asia... which I like very much. Another new channel is BBC, like CNN but is done by UK instead of US. I don't like it so much because the sound is more difficult to listen than CNN, but the music is beautiful

The most interesting channel is certainly the Discovery. Today I have seen about the Genghis Khan on this channel. The program was designed excellently and makes me have much feeling . Another interesting channel is HBO, only show films, but like BBC, is too difficult to listen.

There are still many programs but those channels above are the best. And if you have ever watched these channels, you should give them a try

Thứ Sáu, 19 tháng 1, 2007

The Challenge 2007

After graduation from the university, I decided to work for GSE, the company which I had done the internship in the summer. The first question many people around often ask me is how much about my salary? Perhaps they will laugh at me when knowing that because my salary is not high enough to compare to my friends around . But I don’t care about it because I feel comfortable when working at this company: The people are friendly, the manager appreciates my ability and I have also joined many parties at this company. They interested me so much and made me have a feeling as if I were at home

That’s not all; another main reason makes me choose GSE. Last week, I met the manager of a GSE’s partner and we had a nice talk about IT World. If nothing changes, I will go to US to work at the end of April. With his support there, I think I can learn and continue doing lots of things

And I begin imagining the next challenge in the upcoming 2 years: Go to US, work hard, improve myself, ask for support, grow up my own ideas, make them bigger, become a millionaire , come back to Vietnam and continue doing the next challenge…

Is it an impossible mission to overcome? Actually, I also have a little worry. But I believe now is the time I am stronger than ever. If I can’t do it now, I will never be able to do it. So why don’t I try to test the limitation of my ability? No matter how far the result is, I know that I will be very happy because I can continue living with my dreams and also with my motto “Although I haven’t reached the sky, I’m still standing below the stars

Finally, I have a feeling that my dream is nearer to get than ever

Thứ Năm, 11 tháng 1, 2007

Going to graduate

I'm going to graduate. This is certainly one of the most meaningful times in my life

My student life looks like a dream. I'm so happy in almost 4.5 years studying at the university. I have had many achievements that I haven't expected, been to many countries that I haven't been to, met many people that I haven't met... But most of all, I always have a feeling that my power is unlimited and I can make all my dreams come true as long as I still try my best

I remember when I studied at High School, I also had a feeling like that. And I wondered whether I can continue my dream when studying at the university. At this time, I'm very satisfied because the result has become more wonderful than I expected

After graduation, I will change to a new environment. I'm not sure that I can continue doing my dreams and maybe I will reach the limitation of my ability here. But whatever happens, I have had a very very happy time in 7.5 years during my High School and University. It is good enough for a short life of people?

There are still many things waiting for me ahead. Can't wait to see them

Thứ Năm, 4 tháng 1, 2007

Looking at the world from Google Earth

So tired in recent days, I have to spend all my time on reviewing politics in order to prepare for the upcoming exam on Saturday . All the knowledge is just theory, it seems not to suit well for the current situation of Vietnam anymore.

One of my hobbies to put out the tiredness is using Google Earth. If you never use it, I believe it will be a very interesting program for you to try. It will help you have a virtual travel to any country in the world and look at them as if you were on a spaceship

Several days ago, Google Earth suddenly led me to Dubai, one of the fastest developing cities in the world. Its position looks like Ho Chi Minh City, both of them are locating near the beach. The major difference between two cities is GDP. The GDP per capital of Dubai is much higher than Ho Chi Minh City (30.000$ per year) and it also succeeds in attracting lots of foreign investment

What is the key account for this success? Maybe you will think because of the abundant oil resource of this city. But it’s not true, oil only account for 6% budget of the city. The city also doesn’t have enough people to meet the required fast growth. Visiting the, I quickly find the answer. That is because of the good policy and also good management from the government. It makes me so surprised because so far, I only think that all developed countries must be very strong in science and technology

What can I draw from this lesson? Just a simple idea. When I’m studying, I should have a technology view about all things around. But when I go out to the society, I had better change my view from technology to business because lots of circumstances in society cannot be explained by using science & technology . And now I can make explanation for the sentence I've heard so many times "The success of a person does not depend on his intelligence but on his behaviour to people around "

Thứ Ba, 2 tháng 1, 2007

New Year, New Blog and New Person

At the end of this semester, I have lots of things to do at the university for my graduation. And I decided to close my blog three weeks ago. During that time, I felt so bored. Perhaps because I was familiar with writing blog every week and not doing it makes me so sad and also puts me under many pressures. So I decide to begin writing again.

In recent days, I don’t know why I met many difficulties when using English, especially in speaking and writing. I remember the last of my English teacher “If you haven’t used something for a long time, you will lose it”. It’s certainly the main reason that led me to these difficulties.

And since New Year 2007, I will try to do all my blog in English. Although I don’t feel comfortable with it but I think it’s surely the job that I should do. I remember sometimes when discussing with my friends, I have told them that “Never do anything you don’t like”. But now for me, this opinion is not true anymore. In my life, I usually meet many things I don’t expect. Sometimes, I find that it would be better for me to stand them instead of fighting against them . An example will clarify this opinion “Don’t do what you want to do, but do what people actually need”.

If I realized it soon, maybe I could make lots of useful things for people around. But I don’t regret, everything has its own value. It’s not too late for me to restart myself (because I’ve done it many times ). I believe that the more time I spend to look at myself, the sooner I can get my life successful

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