Thứ Hai, 22 tháng 1, 2007

Have you got a cable TV?

Since I set up cable TV at home, my knowledge has been broadened much. It also helps me have many more different views about the world, not only from Vietnam like before. And now if I were asked about what are my favorite programs, there would be many

The channel I watch most is CNN, a popular new channel. All the hot news around the world are updated constantly. There are also many special programs like: CNNConnect, Talk Asia... which I like very much. Another new channel is BBC, like CNN but is done by UK instead of US. I don't like it so much because the sound is more difficult to listen than CNN, but the music is beautiful

The most interesting channel is certainly the Discovery. Today I have seen about the Genghis Khan on this channel. The program was designed excellently and makes me have much feeling . Another interesting channel is HBO, only show films, but like BBC, is too difficult to listen.

There are still many programs but those channels above are the best. And if you have ever watched these channels, you should give them a try

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LuckyStar nói...

Wow, it sounds great.But i have no cable TV, bro!maybe i will have it in the next two years,i hope so.

Nam Pham nói...

One more advertising for SCTV: if you chose SCTV as your ISP (through MediaNet), your CableTV monthly fee will be droped to about one third :D.

ConNhim nói...

hihi, are you employeed as an SCTV marketing agent??? it seem like that :P
See you soon, miss all of you, Ngon, Nam, Van, Thuan, ...

Ngôn Action++ nói...

@CamTu: The TV cable now is not expensive. There are 2 options to choose: buy a whole device (1.300.000 Anten included and you don't have to pay fee monthly), the second you pay for fee monthly but have more interesting programs.
@ConNhim: Hehe, see u soon

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