Thứ Năm, 11 tháng 1, 2007

Going to graduate

I'm going to graduate. This is certainly one of the most meaningful times in my life

My student life looks like a dream. I'm so happy in almost 4.5 years studying at the university. I have had many achievements that I haven't expected, been to many countries that I haven't been to, met many people that I haven't met... But most of all, I always have a feeling that my power is unlimited and I can make all my dreams come true as long as I still try my best

I remember when I studied at High School, I also had a feeling like that. And I wondered whether I can continue my dream when studying at the university. At this time, I'm very satisfied because the result has become more wonderful than I expected

After graduation, I will change to a new environment. I'm not sure that I can continue doing my dreams and maybe I will reach the limitation of my ability here. But whatever happens, I have had a very very happy time in 7.5 years during my High School and University. It is good enough for a short life of people?

There are still many things waiting for me ahead. Can't wait to see them

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hanhc2008 nói...

I'm sure that you can continue doing your dreams in the future. And you will achieve success in your life, that is a certainty :)

zim nói...

great! how do you feel if you get an invitation from me to go to Hanoi for a short of relaxation and... working, dear? :P

September nói...

I think you can make all your dreams come true and sucess in the future. Congratulation!
I think I will learn for you very much.

LuckyStar nói...

Congratulation Bro!Hope that your future will be successful. :)

[deleted] nói...

Well done, and best of luck for the future!

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