Thứ Năm, 4 tháng 1, 2007

Looking at the world from Google Earth

So tired in recent days, I have to spend all my time on reviewing politics in order to prepare for the upcoming exam on Saturday . All the knowledge is just theory, it seems not to suit well for the current situation of Vietnam anymore.

One of my hobbies to put out the tiredness is using Google Earth. If you never use it, I believe it will be a very interesting program for you to try. It will help you have a virtual travel to any country in the world and look at them as if you were on a spaceship

Several days ago, Google Earth suddenly led me to Dubai, one of the fastest developing cities in the world. Its position looks like Ho Chi Minh City, both of them are locating near the beach. The major difference between two cities is GDP. The GDP per capital of Dubai is much higher than Ho Chi Minh City (30.000$ per year) and it also succeeds in attracting lots of foreign investment

What is the key account for this success? Maybe you will think because of the abundant oil resource of this city. But it’s not true, oil only account for 6% budget of the city. The city also doesn’t have enough people to meet the required fast growth. Visiting the, I quickly find the answer. That is because of the good policy and also good management from the government. It makes me so surprised because so far, I only think that all developed countries must be very strong in science and technology

What can I draw from this lesson? Just a simple idea. When I’m studying, I should have a technology view about all things around. But when I go out to the society, I had better change my view from technology to business because lots of circumstances in society cannot be explained by using science & technology . And now I can make explanation for the sentence I've heard so many times "The success of a person does not depend on his intelligence but on his behaviour to people around "

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ptracandy nói...

I know that Palm Island on your pix :p. I watch the whole TV show about how to make that Palm Island in the ocean ;;). That's so incredible!

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