Thứ Hai, 29 tháng 1, 2007

Vision for the next 10 years

Today, I didn't have anything to do at home. It made me so bored and I decided to go to the supermarket for buying some food . I was so relax when being there, the environment was so cool and there are many nice salesgirls. Walking back and forth, I pretended to ask about goods to have a chance to talk to them and also getting some information about the operation of a supermarket.

Coming back home, lots of thoughts appear in my head. I realize that the society is not the same as what I think . Now Vietnam is still a consumption-oriented market and it will not change in the near future. Vietnamese like enjoying their life rather than working. Almost Vietnamese just see their job as a mean to satisfy their life such as: buying foods, having café in the evening, travelling... Just some of them have enthusiasm in work and consider as their hobby. Vietnamese is also not strong at technology. Most of famous people we have heard on the newspaper so far are just excellent at science theory. For me, they are still lacking knowledge about the society, the world and also a determination to do a meaningful thing in their life, a major difference compare to Chinese

Looking back at Vietnam market now, it’s so chaotic. All of main industries now are belonging to the government. The other entertainment services like restaurant, karaoke, supermarkets… belong to those who have a good position in society, good-related to the government or inherit a good business from their family. The market will be rougher in the future with the join of foreign giants. It’s too difficult for a person to set up their own business from nothing, so different from US environment .

And it makes me accept a fact that that Vietnam will not have big companies like US, China, Europe in the near future. As mention above, Vietnamese are not good at technology & management. As a result, lots of my unreal dreams are eliminated and I continue to …change and consolidate my ways

- Work for a big company specializing on those software involve business such as ERP, CRM... rather than those applications which Google or Microsoft are doing. Because there will be many companies in Vietnam grow up in the future and we had better to concentrate on this sector. Let other big things for those giants in the world

- Do franchise At first, I want to help my family open a small business at home, just for fun and also earn some experience . But now I think it’s not a good way. Even I can set up a successful company; I will meet many fierce rivals around. It would be better to choose some famous companies and do franchise for them. If I choose this, all things I have to do is just to choose an appropriate place and negotiate with the company. I think the experience I have had through many trips abroad; the knowledge about GPS, Google Earth, will help me much

If nothing changes, these are the ways I will do in the next 10 years. After I have enough experience and also a stable family, it will be the time for me to set up my own business model, become the giant and branching to other countries. Haha, so interested when thinking about that

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ptracandy nói...

I'm thinking of opening a restaurant that serves Chinese Food, Korean Food, or Thai Food. What do you think? :))

Ngôn Action++ nói...

Good idea because I like food very much :)). When I went to US last year, I have a chance to taste a buffet at Chinatown and also Thai food. I like them so much. So I think it would be great if we can set up one in Vietnam. But this way is not easy because I know there are some restaurants in HCMC doing that but the price is quite expensive!

zim nói...

your English is now much better, however, you still think and type in the way of a real foreigner does while studying English.
Call me next time when you visit Hanoi, I'll take you to a Thai restaurant and offer you a free dinner or lunch (as you choose) :P. I love Thai and Korean food too.

hanhc2008 nói...

Trading restaurant in wedding is very interesting and makes a good profit on it :). I think so.

Ngôn Action++ nói...

@zim: Thx. I will remind you when visiting Hanoi next time!
@hanhc: I don't understand what you mean. Can you tell me more :)

Gau' Coi` nói...

"Vietnamese like enjoying their lives rather than working" => this is sadly true. i had to struggle with that effect some time.
"lacking knowledge about the society, the world, and a determination to do a meaningful thing in life" => i wonder if they have real love for science. science, anw, comes from life and we just do it to make life mroe comfortable and happy.
"a stable family" => where have u been on ur way to this goal? i am no longer aim for this. :(. the past experience still has some bad effect on me and i am on nowhere. just realize that many ppl do not live the same way as i am. :(

HàDzương nói...

Time will change your thinking ab next 03 years. I sure!

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