Thứ Sáu, 26 tháng 1, 2007

Life's happy

Today, in the morning, I had a talk with some friends in Talent Engineering class at my university. In the evening, I had café with some old friends at Elementary School. They went to work right after finishing High School because they were not able to study further. How different they are

Actually, so far I haven’t had any big impression with my class at the university. Although all of them are excellent people come from many places around the country and their behavior are rather good, but from time to time, I feel they likes robots because they just know to study hard, to get more achievement. Sometimes they seem to be a little selfish and dont care about the feeling of people around.

Talking about other people, their ability was limited and they had to go out to the society soon. They also realize that there aren’t many opportunities for them, so they accept their life and try to work hard without looking and comparing. Though now they still not have a good knowledge, however, they have a good understanding about the feeling of people around and it becomes the most important thing to help them in the work and maybe become successful in the future

I don’t want to give any criticism about them. It just makes me wonder that what is the happiness
for a person, and how should they behave with people around? It is surely a difficult question and depending on specific kinds of people.

Continue thinking about myself. Today I brought back my printer from HCMC to my home in Dong Nai, I see that my little sister was very happy about that because now she can print her document for her study. So is my father, he can print his online novels not available at bookstore for reading in his spare time. Their happiness makes me happy too

And I draw out the definition of happiness for me. First of all, I godda know how to take care of myself , so that my family will not worry about me. Then I should know how to make my family happy. After that, I will continue to bring the happiness to the others. Finally, if all people around me are happy, I will also be happy

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Mun nói...

:D. I wish u happiness and success

Nguyen nói...

hey it's "gotta" even though when americans speak, it sounds like "gotta".
Sometimes, happiness to someone might be pain to another person.

HàDzương nói...

U re making your feeling better, right?
Good work, do it by your self, you re on-the-way!

ludangkhoa nói...

Hehe I will also be happy when you bring another printer to me :P
Because everybody has his own ability and situation, he has his own purposes. Therefore, the definition of happiness/success is also different. We are happy when we can overcome ourselves without pushing down others :)

Ngôn Action++ nói...

Thx all, wish all of you always happy too :)

Ngôn Action++ nói...

@ludangkhoa: Life's not easy. There are some people willing to hurt you even you don't have anything affect them :(

Gau' Coi` nói...

thx for the last sentences because those r also wat i want to say.
but i sometimes feel that it's hard to help ppl (esp. my mom) understand wat happiness is.
i wish i know more about teaching kids and taming animals

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