Thứ Ba, 13 tháng 6, 2006

7 Most Needed of Talents in 21st Century

Some useful things learn from the trip to Beijing

1. Paradigms
Don’t do what you feel right but do what the people need. Not only study at the school but also from life

Do not invent the wheel but try to combine existing things to create new one. Remember that EQ is 9 times more important than IQ, it means that high IQ is not enough for you to gain success.
3. Teamwork
It’s very clear. You cannot do everything alone, you need partner who have the same interested with you.
4. Communicator

You must make people understand what you think. For different people, you must have different style of speaking.
5. Work lover

Choose a “love job”, not a “hot job”
6. Self-starter

Everything is difficult before they are easy. Don’t wait the opportunity come to you but try to create it.
7. Optimist

In real changing world, there are many mistakes. Be optimism and learn from mistakes. Failure is not a punishment but an opportunity.

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ngoc h nói...

what is EQ?
The success will come to you soon, Ngon. I am vietnamese myself, but I am not proud of it. Many vietnamese including me do not have these 7 most needed.That is the reason the vietnamese in general are not talented.
Vietnam have no Ericson, Volvo, Toyota, Sony, Samsung. The older are lazy, they just put burden on younger generation. So talented youths like you are overwork. I will never say "The youth is the corner stone of country". But I will say "I will do my best from now for a good future". So long I have observed. The vietnamese is average in nearly everything. The only thing vietnamese good is food making technic. Many persons in vietnam are proud of the export revenue increasing. But to look closer, it is rice, fish, shoe and "painfully"... wood (no environment knowledge). So where are those Professor, PhD (who always put these titles before their names) from technical schools in Vietnam? Can't they even make a frame of motorbike for sales?

Looking back to myself, I am neither a successul guy. Understanding this, I use a lot of time to learn. And I have a long way to go. Hopefully success one day.

Ngôn Action++ nói...

E in EQ means Emotional.

Although everything happens, I think we should try our best because we are youths. Hope one day we will succeed.

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