Thứ Tư, 7 tháng 6, 2006

Thinking about the future

Don't know why in the recent days, I think so much about myself, my career, my family... and lots of things in the future, which I've ever done before. Perhaps because I'm going to graduate in the beginning of 2006, going to change from school environment to work environment.

All things I have done In the past just because of my hobbies. I never think that once day I can get money from them. But now I must. I need money for my living, for doing something and for getting married in the next 6 years Image.

And I think what I can do for making money. Of course like everybody, I hope I can find a job that I really like and bring me lots of money. Working for a company is a good and easy way for me to achieve that. But following this way also means that I must temporarily give up all of my dreams. I don't like it.

When I was a child, I had lots of dreams and I hoped I can make all of them come true. So I always do my best in any circumstances.  Some of my dreams have come true, but there still others. Of couse they are big dreams and requires me lots of time. So I'm afraid that if I choose to work for a company, I cannot be with them anymore. I feel now is the time that I can work with all my energy and it may not take forever.

Different choices will make my life different. So it's not easy to make decision.


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ptracandy nói...

getting married in the next 6 years? hahaha
Decisions sometimes just come out in the last minutes :D

PLMĐ nói...

Different choices will make my life different. So it's not easy to make decision. <<< I think so.

Broooch nói...

hehe, nguoi nay tham lam qua day!uoc mo sao ma nhieu the nhi^_^

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