Thứ Sáu, 14 tháng 7, 2006

Become a new person

Last night, when walking on the street, I saw an old and poor woman was coming home after a day of working. She take the furniture in her hand and walked very slowly. I feel sorry for her because she is too weak, this work isn’t suitable for her. But maybe because of circumstance, she was forced to do that,  she had to earn money for her living and also her family.

Suddenly, I think about myself. I’m a student, I have many good conditions to study and work. I have lots of knowledge in my head and also many technologies in my hand but I’ve ever done anything thing useful. All things I have done just because I want to demonstrate myself and I am easily upset when all things do not happen as I thought.

I feel ashamed. I need a change in my thought and also my life. I said to myself “Ngon, from now on, you should try to live not only for you but also your family and your friend, not only do what you like but also work hard to bring more benefits to people around you, contribute to improve the life of this society”. I have a feeling that my thought have grew so much. Perhaps I have become a mature person.

I set a goal for me in the next 8 years “Building one of the biggest IT Company in Vietnam”. I’m not sure it may come true but now is the time I feel confident than ever. Thanks to many good friends have comforted me each time I have stress, I wish all of you will always be with me in the way to achieve that goal.

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ngoc h nói...

Good idea. I like it. It will be interesting. You will have 8 years and ahead of meaningful and useful work. A life with direction and goal. Nothing is better than that.

Keep switching between Vietnamese and English. We need both languages in our daily life. Especially, our profession requires good communication skills.

Nguyen nói...

Have you ever heard this saying "Aim for the stars. Even if you dont reach them, you are a step closer to where they are." Destination may be important but dont let it make you forget to enjoy the journey.

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