Thứ Sáu, 21 tháng 7, 2006

Working for Google in Silicon Valley?

Today, I've recieved a mail from Google. They told me that they have take a look at my CV and would like to invite me to work at Google headquarter in Silicon Valley.

Nice surprise! I never think about that. Because last month I refused to do the internship at Google Beijing. Perhaps they want to invite me again.

I'm so happy, not because of the invitation but because I think maybe I have a little talent. Some of my friends talked to me that "You are excellent, Ngon!", but actually I never think it's truth. I'm just an ordinary person. All things I have is a fascination about IT, plus a little lucky and I don't have any special things compare to my friends around. So I always try my best, maybe it have become my speciality.

What about my decision? Working for Google? I will not.

It's so easy to decide when I have set a goal for my life. Now I want to take lots of time for my thesis, my graduation and also for my intention in the near future. I will go abroad but it’s not now, but after I can do something useful.

Hope I will not regret about that.

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Orchid nói...

Right decision, bro...Lead your own way, live as you want, pursue your goal and you will never regret...

ptracandy nói...

hmmm... then u not gonna come to see me, hihi

thaidn nói...

haha right dicision dude, trust me you'll beat them some day

ngoc h nói...

Ngon. I think you should work for Google. You need an environment to develop your skills and talent. Even though you will start your own company later. You still need customers. You still need co-workers. You still need friends. You still need a market. More important, you need EXPERIENCE. What you learnt from Bach Khoa is not enough. I surprise that the best technical school in Vietnam teach students Pascal when the world using Java, Perl, Ruby, etc...Even my old professor at retirement age he can C++. I get shock when I heard the fact that Pascal is teaching language at Bach Khoa.

My own experience is The University just teach you a fraction of reality. I have learnt a lot more from my current job.

Microsoft, Google as it is today because of talented people and nearly unlimited funding. Who will fund you in Vietnam for your startup? Even my professors have to go to Silicon Valley to get funding for his company. He live in Norway, one of the richest country in the world.

From my opinion, the work at Google is the right thing to do. You will learn a lot from it. Not only technical, but also economy.

Ngôn Action++ nói...

Ngoc, thank you very much. I have also asked some people about this, and many of them said like you. I also think it's a opportunity for me. But there are some reasons let me to final decision:

- Now I'm sitting on the final semester and I want to finalize the degree before diving into the working environment. I have been to many places in Vietnam and also abroad, so I had to delay some subjects at the universitiy. I am tired about it, and I want to finish them asap.

- At this time, I feel happy about my life and confident about myself. I enjoy researching about technology and there are still lots of things on the Internet. I don't have a feeling that I'm lacking of information than other students from developing countries. I also have some friends around have the same interested with me.

- Although I don't have much work experience, but I've had opportunities to visit many companies in Vietnam and also international companies such as Intel, Microsoft, Google, IBM... I found that working in those big companies may bring me lots of experience, but working in small company may be more comfortable and also bring me lots of opportunies and challenges.

All of them let me decide not go to Google now. Maybe I have ignored a big change to work and learn experience at one of the biggest IT in the world. But I still have many talent friends like you, whom I think I can also learn lots of thing from and continue improving :).

Kazenka nói...

This opportunity is once. But you can create a new one, again! :D

Broooch nói...

vay cuoi cung la di hay ko di, kho hieu qua! Nhung viet bai ro nhe, vai bua dang len ko dua la do^_^, nhu quan diem n da noi hom di an KFC, tuc la n ko di^_^

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