Chủ Nhật, 2 tháng 7, 2006

Lose way

So tired in the recent days, worry about many things and have a feeling that I have losed my way in life.

Some people talk to me I was crazy. Because I have missed many opportunities in my life. Reject a high-salary job 2 years ago, delay many subjects in the school just because a small contest, reject to work for a big company like Google....and so on. For me, just one reason, because I don't like them, I didn't feel happy when doing that. And I always think they are right decision.

But why am I now? Why I don't have the courage like 2 or 3 years ago? Why I am afraid of many things and why I cannot be confident about myself anymore? I wish I could be serveral years ago, so that I can make decision easily but ....I cannot Image.

I have increased my awareness so much in recent years, realize many things and realize that it's not easy to live in this society. I'm afraid of Vietnamese, have doubt about them. I don't know why Vietnamese is so bad. They always consider about themself, always try to earn more money, earn more reputation without caring about people around them.

Perhaps I'm having stress Image. I need time for retirement. There are too many things happend to me so that I cannot process. Stop writing now, it's time for me to listen to some music.

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Mun nói...

I know you always have a big goal or many big goals. :). these make you special.
dear Ngon!
You think you can't make your dream come true because of Vietnam society, Vietnamese, so on...When you think such like this, you fail.
Don't put pressure on yourself, Ngon. it is very miserable!
I always beleive you. You can become a talent. But, you need more courage.

ptracandy nói...

hic, neu ma bi stress roi thi ko "need more..." cai gi dau. Just do whatever you want, ok?:d. Hope you in your best health!

ngoc h nói...

Dear Ngon

Every thing in life is difficult in agriculture, football, high-tech, etc... Stress is normal. Just sleep well, eat healthy food and take a trip to countryside.

You are talented. I am sure about it.

I am vietnamese myself and have use a lot of time to analyze my background. I start research my mind, my family and the vietnamese. I found something interesting. Vietnamese have in common 4 diseases: Egoist, small arrogant, stupid and laziness. It is embedded in our DNA such characteristics. Other people have those characteristics too, but in less portion than vietnamese.

But what more can I do? I was born as a vietnamese: poor, ugly and stupid. The best way I can do is thinking, learning and improve myself. I can not change my DNA. I can not complain to God why he created the vietnamese (including me) like that.

Đăng Khôi nói...

if U have a problem, U'll solve it => U become advanced. I think U have problem and believe it make U more and more succesful :D
I don't think I were born is bad. VN have faster develop and good place to live. In VN, U'll have many and many chance to do, to build... Goodlucks.

Nguyen nói...

yo, it is human nature to be selfish... People are even more selfish when it'd not easy to put bread on the table... What you see around you is not only true about Vietnam, it happens everywhere... BUT you have to believe that there are good, altruistic people in every society... And many people do the same thing doesn't make that thing right, vice versa, what only a few people do doesn't make it wrong either... So as long as you live up to your life principles, you have nothing to worry about.

ludangkhoa nói...

When you get stress or feel unconfident, do not try to do anything. They can make you do the wrong thing or have a wrong thought about others. Just relax and spend time to think more, about yourself, others, what you have done and what you are going to do. After you understand thoroughly and feel more confident, continue doing.

Losing a chance sometimes brings a new better chance. Try to do what you dream and believe. Though sometimes I do not agree with your decision, dare to dream, dare to do for your dream at any cost is the thing that not everybody can do and the thing I need to learn more from you.

Big successes are only for those who aslo have big dreams!

Be confident. Good luck ^-^

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