Chủ Nhật, 13 tháng 8, 2006

Long-term Strategy

Since was published, I've received many comments and ideas from my friends around. Thanks to Khoi Tran, a Viet Kieu from Germany, user can not only see satellite image from Google but also a real map with full streets detail of each city in Vietnam, a foundation for many services in the future such as: finding a specific address of a company, the shortest path…


I wish I could divide me into 10 ngondn Image, so that I can turn all of ideas into reality. But I cannot do that, so I must think about another solution.

All my softwares up until now is written by only me or several friends around. Sometimes I’m very tired because after finishing core modules of each software, we must do other works such as: drawing, inputting data, writing document… which are not our strength

I shouldn’t follow this way anymore, it is not efficient. I must think more deeply and extensively about each application, then concentrate on just core modules, which I believe is my strongest.

And what to do next? Perhaps I will give it to a company, who has lots of money and business skills. They will turn my ideas into market. Of course it may not bring me lots of money but is the only way for me to continue follow and make other dreams come true. Actually, I don’t need lots of money, just enough for me to live, travel and delicious food with my friends, especially nice girls Image.

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hanhc2008 nói...

I agree with me, you should concentrate on your strongest. Your idea is very excellent and important to make succeess.I wish your dreams come true quickly.

ngoc h nói...

Yes. Give it to the one who can busisness task. We have many common thinking (like minds). Like this "I don’t need lots of money, just enough for me to live, travel and delicious food with my friends".

Viet Kieu should be written to viet kieu. There is nothing good to be a viet kieu. viet kieu has very low status in the way of my thinking. viet kieu may have some money. But money is not the good measurement system. I am viet kieu myself, but NEVER be proud of that/it.

Hồng Môn Quang nói...


Ma Mut nói...

woahhhhhh...ur English is awesome bro!!!! are u sure u are studying in VN? Nice....nice...very impressive

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