Thứ Ba, 1 tháng 8, 2006

Secret behind big companies

Today morning, I have received a 10 point for "Ki thuat Dien tu". I'm very happy and surprised because for me, it's one of the most difficult subjects, I have registered it three times but unfortunately I never take an exam for it.

The teacher said to me "You deserve to receive 10.5 point for the simple solution” Image. This is the second time I receive 10 point at the university and also the second time I hear the praise like that. Up until now, on many exams, I often do as I thought, not follow the opinion from teacher and my friends around. I usually get a lower score than other friends in my class but it made me become a person with many ideas. Some of them have become my popular softwares such as: VSpeech, 3DProS...

I think if I can reorganize my ideas, select the potential and turn into reality, they will become innovation, the most valuable property of many companies and also of mordern societies. I understand why many companies such as Google, IBM, Microsoft always try to attract many talents to work for them by holding activities at the universities, sponsoring for many contests... Only by doing that, they can continue improving.

Many companies in Vietnam don't realize that or they know but don't want to invest a large amount of money on researching. As a result, talents go to work for foreign company, Vietnam is still Vietnam and it's too difficult to catch up with other developing countries.

Not going so far, now I'm still lacking some knowledge about how to turn ideas into reality. Maybe after graduate, I will follow a MBA course. During that time, I will practice by working for a big company or opening a small company.

Hope that one day in the future, I can see my branch offices in other countries such as: United States, Japan, England... I don't know how long it takes: 10 years, 20 years... or I can never do it. But I'm not afraid, this is not a destination but a long journey and I will meet lots of funny things on it Image.

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ptracandy nói...

hihi, I give you 10 points for your confidence :)

Superlan nói...


ngoc h nói...

Excellent Ngon. That makes you special. I love simple solutions. An MBA course sound interesting. As a busisness leader you should know something about economy.

fiercesalem nói...

Excellent Ngon!
I may see you next week.

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