Thứ Tư, 11 tháng 10, 2006

Get ready to enter the Flat World

After getting an overview about the IT World, I continue to think about how to make a nice and tiny company to attract those giants come Image

People can only do something well if they're strong at it. So at first I ask myself what is my strongest? It's easy to answer, the technology. So I think I should do something which involves technology Image. Maybe it will be better for me if there are some examples to analyze. China is rather good because according to many statistics, it is about 5 years modern than Vietnam. So let's look into some successful China companies:

- Baidu : A search engine, imitate the Google, not only the idea but also the site interface. But it has some modifications to suit Chinese needs, so it is used by most of Chinese and also become the fourth popular website in the world, just after Yahoo, MSN and Google.

- Alibaba : The largest website in China about ecommerce, it is so popular that make Yahoo buy 30% its stock with the price about 1bil$. This company belongs to Tiny group because not having any core technology at all. And you can also see that many companies in Vietnam are trying to become an "Alibaba of Vietnam". But it's not a good way for me to follow because it doesn't involve so much about technology

Finally, if I decide to choose technology as the basement, there are two options for me

- Develop a product in Vietnam : I needn't to develop a real new product, just follow the other popular applications from big companies, and localize it to more suitable for Vietnamese users, then of course I will have lots of users. If I succeed in doing that, why don't I open this idea for other markets near Vietnam such as Malay, Thai, Sing? ==>> Yahoo, Google... may be afraid of me Image

- Go to US to open a company: Oh la la, you think I am so crazy??? Yes I also agree with you Image. But actually, it is not difficult as you think, just apply to work for an US company. Then when you'll be there, try to turn one of your idea into reality and call some companies to fund and help your project. When it's so popular, sell it and you will have more money to continue following other your dreams or you can also come back to Vietnam to get married Image. Opening a billionaire like Youtube muse be difficult but a millionaire company is still possible, I think.

Perhaps I'm going so far, come back to present now. Whatever way I choose, the most important thing for me now is still ...English. But not only the English, I should also improve the persuading skill, in both Vietnamese and English so that in the future I can make more friends, more people, more companies and more organizations understand me and also agree with my crazy ideas Image

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Ha nói...

Not big dead guy. Do it or not!

ptracandy nói...

hehe, stick to the plan of going back to Vietnam to get married, ok? :))

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