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The World of IT Companies

"Google has been successful in acquiring Youtube at the price 1.65 billion dollars". It might be the notable IT news in the recent days. But with those people who have experience in IT, the news could be predictable several months ago and no interest at all.

Imagine the IT world likes an ocean, there are various kinds of fish with all sizes. The smaller who cant grow will become food for the bigger Image. The bigger will then continue to find and eat other fishes to become bigger and bigger. This idea make me quite curious, so I decided to spend time studying about some IT multinational companies in the world such as: IBM, Microsoft, Google... to get an overview about them Image

Basically, IT companies can be divided into two groups

- The Giants : Startup with a very very technical idea. When succeeding in turning this idea into reality, it will then continue to build other services around the core idea. An example in this group is Google, its core technology is search engine and no rival can compete against it in this field Image. By basing on this technology, Google continues to build many services around: Google Maps, Google Earth.... and it also try to buy other small companies such as:Keyhole, Youtube... Another companies in this group are: Microsoft, IBM...

- The Tiny : Startup with a hot idea, no new about technology. But because of releasing at appropriate time, good management skill... The idea soon attracted a large number of users, the value of company also increased. But due to not having a core technology, these companies are not steady and easily be acquired by those giant companies Image. Some companies in this group are: Yahoo, Youtube, Macromedia....

Now, talk about us now. If we have a chance to open a company, it's very likely that all of us will hope it become a giant and also the dominant in the market. But this must be a very difficult mission, it depends on lots of things and also put us under many pressures. I saw many companies in Vietnam failed because thinking like that.

So why don't we choose to become a tiny company? Although we cant earn lots of money from this, but it will be easier for us, especially in the case Vietnam IT market is so small and we are still lacking many experience. We just do what we can do, let other big things for the giants like Google, Yahoo, IBM, Microsoft...Image When we succeed in attract lots of users using our products, maybe those giants or some other Vietnam giants will come to us with the suggestion acquiring our company. And of course we'll become millionaire.

Hehe, it is a very interesting story, isn't it? But why don't we try Image?

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SkyMaster ® nói...

hì :) one interesting point of view ! but imgagine this ... we become a small fish in the ocean, 02 options appear:
1. gather other small fish in order to against the giant or protect ourselves etc. ?
2. to be the special to attract the giant ?
in both way, if we want to become bigger, we shuld hunt the smallers one... So, the question is, which is the better way in our "flatten world" now ?
I heard 1 good statement from a CEO in VN : "Người tí hon làm chuyện người khổng lồ"... so, why don't we try to do stuffs like the giant, cause, we do know how to act like "smaller" and also want to act like "the giant" :)

lightcom nói...

"The Tiny : ...Some companies in this group are: Yahoo..."
"We just do what we can do, let other big things for the giants like Google, Yahoo, IBM, Microsoft..."
So Yahoo is a tiny company like a giant one ?!!

Ngôn Action++ nói...

@Sky: I don't know about other fields. But in IT, I think first we should learn from foreign companies. There isnt any big IT companies in Vietnam now, most of them just work in outsourcing. I have a feeling that Vietnamese ITers often talk much but they havent done as they said.

@lightcom: Yahoo is actually a big company. But I think it doesn't have any core technologies at all. There is a news that Yahoo may be acquired by Microsoft in order to form a bigger company fight against Google, there are still many interesting things ahead.

beta nói...

The world is flat, right? Nothing is really good or bad. What matters is 5W, strategic vision and the following actions, which should be suitable to a specific corporation. Make sense?

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