Thứ Ba, 3 tháng 10, 2006

Imagine the future

Have you ever thought one day you will open your own company? Yeah, I know lots of you have and the same to me. When I was a child, I had a dream that when I grow up, I will establish one of the biggest companies in Vietnam and also the world. As time went by, I realized that it was a very difficult mission Image.

But after several years studying at the university, meeting lots of people, I found that establishing a company is not difficult as I think, I just have to spend time to write a good business plan, find someone to fund my project and do it Image. Yeah, as you see, opening a company is so easy, but how to turn it into a successful company is the biggest problem here. You must have something which makes your company different from the others.

Let's talk something about myself. I remember when I was a first year student, I had gone to many companies to ask for a work, but no company received me. I was a bit sad Image and didn't know why, so I decided to take all my time on researching. After I had had some products, many companies came to me to invite me to work for them with very good conditions. Some companies even wanted to share me a large stock of their companies.

It made me think about what I'm having now. If talk about the money, houses... I'm just a poor student Image; I don't anything in my hand at this moment. But if talk about other invisible, I think I have much Image. I have many technical ideas and enough knowledge to turn all these ideas into reality. I also have many relationships with lots of people, companies and organizations. But most of all, technology researching and meeting many people create me
a very good vision about the IT world.

Some of people around told me I should open my own company after graduate. Hihi, I also think I can afford to do it but at this moment I dont think about it anymore. I feel that I'm a person who is not suitable with management positions, I can only do something well if I like it. Maybe a technical position is more suitable for me.

After graduate, I want to go abroad to work for international companies to get more information about what the world is doing. Then after several years, I will come back to Vietnam, there will be lots of things waiting for me at that time. And perhaps I will become a very good technical director and also a millionaire with lots of money Image, not because of establishing my own millionaire company, but because of sharing stock with a billionaire company. A very good way, isn’t it? I just have to do what I like.

Does it look like a dream? Yeah, it’s a dream but who can say I cant make this dream come true. Whatever happens, I am still on my way. “Although I cant reach the sky, I still stand below the stars”, my favorite motto Image.

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ptracandy nói...

hehe, I hope you soon become Billionaire too :x =))

Hồng Môn Quang nói...

Success will come to your house and knock the door.

Duc nói...

Hi Ngon, this is your cousin in the US. I think you should have taken the job with Google, but that is my opinion. What is the definition of "IT" in vietnam?

Ngôn Action++ nói...

Hi Duc, IT in Vietnam accounts for all things relating to Computer, Vietnam doesn't have many fields about IT, just general. And if there is no change, I will go to US to work after I graduate!

Crazy Hong nói...

1. cai theme nay that la nhuc mat nhuc dau. tức là nhức mắt nhức đầu, tức là làm nhục mắt nhục đầu. lolz. dua choi voi tieng Viet 1 ti, bac dung gian.
2. em nghi la den vai nam nua thi em co kha nang dung ra lanh dao cai cong ty cua bac day. chi can 10-15 nam nua thoi la em co the lam lanh dao ngon lanh roi. em co nhieu to chat can thiet ma. vay nen bac thue em nhe. ;)

Ngôn Action++ nói...

@Fly: Really? I'm willing to be your staff :)

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