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How to compare the standard of living?

What do you do if one of your fiend ask you to help him compare the standard of living between two countries such as Thailan and Vietnam Image?  Maybe you will tell him to use the "GDP per capita" , which is the avarage value a person earns in one year. But this method is inappropriate. Why? Look into an example

100$ in Vietnam can help you have a good living in one month. But with the same amount of money in US, you cannot pay for one-month house renting. And it's very clear that $100 in Vietnam is more valuable than 100$ in US.

So how can we compare the standard of living? That's PPP - Purchasing Power Parity, the amount of goods a person can afford to buy with his income. Below are PPP/GDP of some countries.
US                    41399$ / 42000$
Japan              30615$ / 35757$
Malaysia       11201$ / 5042$
Thailand       8368$ / 2659$
China              7198$ / 1709$
Vietnam        3025$ /618$

And it is quite easy to infer from figures above, the standard of living in US is 13 times more comfortable than in Vietnam Image, follow by Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, China with 10 / 3.7 / 2.6 / 2 times than Vietnam. Maybe it the main reason make many Vietnamese immigrate to US  Image

Final question, how do people calculate the PPP index? Unfortuanately, I do not study about Finance, so I cant help you answer it Image. But a completed answer can be easily found on

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zim nói...

hí hí, Ngôn ơi, có mấy cái lỗi chính tả với động từ kìa :P với cả chú ý trong câu, những giới từ dùng nhiều khi chưa chuẩn nhé!

ngoc h nói...

Hi Ngon
I think PPP is differentiate between salary and goods price. I do not care about the standard of living much. I just emphasize on quality of living which is much more. If Vietnam is the richest country in the world, I will not turn back anyway. There are many things I dislike there. In the case, Vietnam is the poorest country in the world and people is respected, I will turn back. So far I see, human is not respected Vietnam at all.

Nguyen nói...

isn't it a little discomforting/troubling that PPP is almost 5 times GDP per capita in VN???????

Ngôn Action++ nói...

@zim: Thanks. I forgot to check the grammar before posting. But the more mistakes I made, the better English I am :)
@Ngoc: Vietnam is not the poorest country in the world. Vietnam rank 59th according to total GDP, 143th according GDP per capita out of 180 countries

ngoc h nói...

Hi Ngon
Maybe you misunderstood me. "In the case, Vietname is the poorest country" -> "Trong trường hợp, Vietnam là nước nghèo nhất", hay có thể dịch là "Giả sử, Vietnam là nước nghèo nhất" hay "Lấy ví dụ, Vietnam là nước nghèo nhất".

Ý mình muốn nói là. Nếu ViệtNam là nước nghèo nhất đi nữa mà con người được tôn trọng thì mình sẽ về. Còn nếu ViệtNam có giàu nức đố đổ vách đi nữa mà con người bị chà đạp thì mình cũng không về.

Nhưng thực ra nước Việtnam cũng không cần mình, vì mình không có tài năng gì để đóng góp.

Ngôn Action++ nói...

I'm sorry beacause not read your comment throughly. I have a feeling that when mention about Vietnam, you are often pessimism. But you shouldn't think about it anymore. Although Vietnam environment now is still bad, the GDP per capita is very low, and have lots of corruption... But why dont you think it's a challenge for us.

Maybe you will say only you and me cannot change anything. But if there are many people think like us, what will happen? Yes, I believe a better Vietnam in the near future.

Also remember that before 1945, Vietnam is the third poorest country in the world. But Uncle Ho and his partner have make many dramatical changes to this country. We are just sorry about his succesors cannot do as well as him. This is a real information I get from

So Ngoc, pleese think about a bright future for you, me, and also Vietnam. Prepare for your trip ahead, live a happy life, don't stop learning, and despite anything happens, always try your best. I believe that one day, I will have a chance to work with you to bring more benefits to people arround us.

And finally, don't forget to visit my blog to comment and exchange information with me :)

ngoc h nói...

Thanks Ngon.
Pessimism is a not good thing in my personality, I will change it.

Cám ơn Ngôn.
Nghĩ tiêu cực/bi quan là một đặc tính cá nhân (tánh tình) không mấy tốt của mình. Mình sẽ thay đổi cái tánh đó. Nguyên nhân của nghĩ bi quan có thể một phần do môi trường sống và một phần do cá tính. Nhưng dù sau thì bi quan quá cũng không tốt lắm.

Mỗi lần mình kiểm tra mail là vào luôn blog 360 của Ngôn, do đó mình có cơ hội trả lời nhiều như vậy. Nếu mình đến một nơi có internet ở Úc thì sẽ tiếp tục trả lời như hồi trước tới giờ. Còn nếu mình tới nơi quá xa xôi không có điện và internet thì đành chịu thôi Ngôn.

Ngôn Action++ nói...

@Nguyen: I cant answer u because as I said above, I dont know how people calculate the PPP index. But the answer can be found on

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