Thứ Tư, 6 tháng 9, 2006

The World Is Flat : Vision for the Future

It took me nearly a month to finish reading "The World Is Flat - a brief history of the 21th century". This is one of the best books I've ever seen. Not only because it has changed my mind, but also broaden my vision for the future Image.

The most useful thing I gain from the book is the anwser for the question: How to join the flatting world? In general, it's also the way for Vietnam to catch up with other developing countries. The answer includes three steps:
1. Good infrastructure
2. Good training
3. Good management

Perhaps it's too difficult to understand. A real example is How to establish a good company? First the company should have a good Internet and phone connection for the employees to exchange information. Second, the employee can only work well if they have a good training. Third, the company must have a group of people with a management skill to control the whole company.

How many elements Vietnam having now?
- Infrastructure : Very bad, the connection is not good and not stable
- Training : Lots of articles on many newspapers in the recent days mention about it, so it's no need for me to repeat
- Management : very big problem. For example, looking into all state-owned company in Vietnam now.

Although Vietnam is still lacking lots of things, it seems that many people don't realize it or they know but don't want to change anything, especially change themselves. Hichic, how many years will it take for Vietnam to become a developing country?

But I'm not sad  anymore. Althought I cannot change this society, change the city where I live...  but I find out that I can change myself, my family and some of my friends around Image. Good people will make a good society. Do you agree with me?

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ngoc h nói...

Hi Ngon.
I bought a ticket to Australia and will travel next month. You are right. Even though I learn English everyday. I still have a problem in hearing English. There are many times my friends and colleagues have to repeat to me. But I speak quite well. My working environment is not vietnamese. I worked with high level international engineers who are older than me and smarter than me. I found out that vietnamese is not intelligent as many newspapers wrote. It is my own case. And I do observe and compare other vietnamese too. But I never give up and being sad. I improve everyday.

Vietnam is poor as a community because its members is stupid and lazy. The top level like Le Bao Chau, Le Ba Khanh Trinh, etc...can only mathematics. But they are not intelligent as general. Do not waiting for them to solve Vietnam problems. They can not make HaNoi, Hue, SaiGon have pure water, better road and 24/7 electricity. They waste people money for unnescessary mathematics. No one respect us if we are poor, lacking infrastructure and having top international mathematicians.

We are a group of losers, but very arrogant.

chimtrum nói...

I'll look for that book.

ptracandy nói...

Ngon, remember my blog: "I have a small life" I said the same thing: change myself only :P, change others, hihi, hard job though :)

hanhc2008 nói...

Hihi, although you can't change this society, change this city. But you made important changes to me, not complete. It's a change for the better. Thank you very much.

Ngôn Action++ nói...

@Ngoc: I believe your decision and your success in the near future. Despite of anything, we still try our best.
@Ptracandy: I remember "Good people will make a good society" is the sentence I got from your blog :p
@Hanh: Thank you :">
@chimtrum: Vietnamese version of this book is also available. The original price is 85.000, but you can get 10-20% off at some bookstores on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai streets.

duongtuphong nói...

@ Ngon: Em co ebook cuon do khong Ngon ? :D
@ Ngoc : agree with you, but to a limited extent. Pls remember, natural science is a foundation for any development. US, UK, France, Germany, Russia, Japan and even China illustrate this point.

Ngôn Action++ nói...

@Bung: No problem! Thank you!
@all: I found a soft copy of this book yesterday and uploaded at

Bung nói...

I do have a soft copy of the Vietnamese version. Who wanna get one, just drop some line with your email in my blog... (Sorry cause i spam on your blog. But it looks a good comment, huh?).

duongtuphong nói...

thanks Ngon & Bung for your sharing.

Nặc danh nói...

I like best the sentence:"We are a group of losers, but very arrogant" of Ngoc...

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