Thứ Ba, 19 tháng 9, 2006

Put myself in an English environment

I have learned English for more than 10 years, but my English is not as good as it should be, maybe because of the method. Up to now, all my English classes are just for examination Image. Hichic, I must find another way to learn it efficiently. And I decided in the next 4 months, I will put myself in an English environment, so that I can practice it everytime and everywhere I can

- Reading : Give up all Vietnamese version of
daily newspaper such as: Tuoi Tre, Thanh Nien... and change to Thanh Nien daily, Vietnam News, Google News... In addition, every two days, I will get information about one country on the Now I have finised reading about US, China. It's too interesting for me to continue and maybe after this semester, I will have an overview about all countries in the world Image

- Writing : Learn more about English grammar on BBC and how to write a good English essay. Try to practice writing in English as much as possible. As a result, from now on, all my blog will be written in English. (Hichic, so sad because writing in Vietnamese make many people visit my blog Image)

- Listening : I have found two good resources to help me improve my listening. News everyday on Special English and BBC English News. I will also buy an USB Humax driver (about 80$) so that I can watch cable TV on my laptop.

- Speaking : Practicing this skill is the most difficult. Maybe I should take an English class with a foreigner teacher to have an environment to speak. Besides that, I will join an English club on Sunday at the Youth Centre, attend many English seminars and trying to talk with all my friends in English. So all my close friends, please prepare...Image

OK. That's a good plan. Hope that after this semester, my English will be good enough for me to watch an English film and work in an English speaking country Image

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VMC nói...

Viết được thế này là giỏi hơn anh Cường, anh Thăng rồi. E hè, nhưng mà vẫn phải học để giỏi tiếng Anh hơn. Chúc em thành công.

ptracandy nói...

hihi, Ngon viet duoc nhu vay la gioi roi do :). Ma^y cai con lai thi tu tu ma hoc nha' :p

ngoc h nói...

Hi Ngon
I agree with 'vmc' and 'ptrac'. You are good already.
I am lucky that I learn 2 languages fluently. But I still have problems today. But vietnamese as general is not good in learning new language. That is the reason we never be chinese even though of 1000 years, dependent to China.I hope you succeed with your language improvement plan.

Ngôn Action++ nói...

@VMC, Ptracandy, Ngoc: I feel that my English is not as good as you said, but I will try my best to deserve all your comments :). Thank you very much!

Nguyen nói...

I have to say your English is good for someone in technical field and actually live in VN (no stereotype, just an honest comment)... And i thought you're an idealist who doesn't want to leave VN, but maybe i was wrong...

Nguyen nói...

well i just had an impression that you wanted to stay in VN so i thought you were an idealist. You have had experiences abroad before, i'm sure you know there are more than just the standard of living kind of stuffs... And i am sure the environment in the US will nurture your talent better than what VN can offer at this point in life.

Ngôn Action++ nói...

@Nguyen: I dont understand throughly what you means. But I know that I must go abroad if i want to countinue making all my dreams come true. And I will go to US to work after I graduate.

Kẹo Mút nói...

The same to me

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