Chủ Nhật, 24 tháng 9, 2006

The secret of Emotional Intelligence

Have you ever though what is the most important thing account for the success of a person in the society? Intelligence? No, most of successful people are not intelligent. Communication skill? Yeah, good answer but we want to get the more general, and the answer here is Emotional  Intelligence (EI) Image

Maybe you will be very surprised when knowing that EI accounts for more than 50% of the job performance, especially in  management positions, it accounts for 80%. It's also more important than IQ plus technical experience. But what is Emotional Intelligence? Basically, EI includes 4 levels

- Self-awareness: Can you identify your own emotion and tendency?
- Self-management: Can you manage them?
- Social-awareness:  Can you identify the emotion and tendency of people around you?
- Relationship management: And can you manage them?

All of them seem to be difficult to understand? Practically, how can we benefit from EI? For example, an IT engineer likes me Image. Well, besides the techniques, if i can identify and understand myself clearly, i can easily find what I'm still lacking of and try to improve them. In the work, if i understand what the people need, i can develop exactly what they want. And it makes explanation for the success of many big companies in the world such as: Google, Microsoft... those have a very good vision about the future.

Finally, some of my friends told me that "Ngon, you are trying to change myself, aren't you?". Haha, I never think about that. But if it was true, they would achieve 3rd level of EI  because having realized what I'm doing Image. And because succeed in changing themselves, so I get the most highest level and it's very likely for me to become a good manager in the future Image

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hanhc2008 nói...

Hihi, I must try to achieve 2 level and thanks to your help to achieve 3 level :)

Ma Mut nói...

yes this is extremely important in deriving other ppl' s motivation to work for u...nice post....thanks N

Ngôn Action++ nói...

@Tra: Who u are talking about? :p
@Ma Mut & Hanh : Thanks for nice comments :)

ptracandy nói...

So who said that "I don't believe in my emotion, I'm afraid it would make my life miserable"-->This person's still struggling at 1st level:Self-awareness :))

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