Thứ Tư, 27 tháng 9, 2006

The Research World: Where is my standing?

Today, a group of Korea professors from Sungkyunkwan came to my university. The aim is to give some information about their university and to attract students to follow the research Master/PhD at their labs in Korea Image.

Sungkyunkwan is one of the largest universities in Korea, with a history more than 600 years. This is the only university supported by the King and it has also received lots of money from many companies and organizations. For example, their Communication Engineering Department has a strong financial support from Samsung Electronics - one of the top world companies in Semiconductor.

Although I'm not interested in Computer Engineering but I still went to attend the talk to get some information about this field. And I've got lots of things, not only the advanced technologies but also something about Korea economy. And I wonder why Korean professors want to attract Vietnamese students instead of choosing students direct from their country.

And I continue to think... If our society is a tree, the research will be the root of that tree. There are many branches of the root and there are also many small branches in each branch and so on... It's not easy to find a person interested in a very small branch, even in the world having more than 6 billion people. And maybe it's the main reason make Korean professors go to Vietnam to find talent students, offer scholarship to get them worked for their labs, and also Korean economy.

And I think about Vietnam. What is the shape of Vietnam tree? I don't want to talk about it because it usually makes me sad Image. Many my friends told me "You are so lucky because you study about IT". What a funny thought! I must say to them that "If you want to get a high salary job in Vietnam, IT is a good choice for you. But if you want to study and to work with all your enthusiasm, there is no place for you in Vietnam".

At this moment, there are only two choices for me after graduate. First, go abroad to work for a company to continue my dreams. Second, continue to live in Vietnam, but I should ...change my job to others such as: business, banking... Are there other choices for me? I remember information I got from the Internet: The only thing can quickly lift a country out of poverty is the good government. Oh, I regret not studying about economic, politics.... Image If I had chosen them, I could have done lots of things...

But knowing much no longer makes me pessimistic like before. It helps me continue consolidating myself and realize my standing in the world, so I can make a good decision for my future.

Finally, for me, life is a chain of problems I must solve. The more obstacles I overcome, the happier I am. Hope in my whole life, this opinion will never be changed Image

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Kẹo Mút nói...

Dear you,

I know that the invironment around you is not good for young person like you. But when you go to abroad there will have something that you don't satisfy. Everywhere in the world is not perfect.

You shouldn't idealize. You shouldn't think so much about big problem that only you can't solve. Take it easy. It's the way to be happy in life.

believe me. I have some experence about this kind of problem in life.

ludangkhoa nói...

Try ur best man despite of unbelief. At least you have an enthusiasm and it will guide ur way. In case U can not reach to the sky, U still stand below the stars (ur statement, sorry for poor translation ^-^)

ptracandy nói...

hihi, viet hay nhi ;)

hanhc2008 nói...

I like your say: " The more obstacles I overcome,the happier I am ". I didn't think so before. Hihi, I must learn this opinion from you :P

Ngôn Action++ nói...

@Keomut: Thank you very much! I understand what you say! Although I talked so much, but indeed I'm very practical :)
@ludangkhoa: Thank you for help me translate that sentence. I don't know whether I can translate it better than you but if I can, will let you know :p

Winnie the Pooh nói...

In ur society, there're many young people think like you. Stay here or go abroad. If we not the person who start, nobody start. We cant change this society at this time so much, but we can take something for the younger people, who would be like us. Nice to see you, i follow your way.

metalari nói...

Tốt nghiệp xong Ngôn ra HN nghiên cứu IT với anh đi :D

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